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    In this month of June 2022, discover and read for example our article THE BENEFITS OF HEALTHY EATING FOR CHILDREN written by Juliette Schlegl.
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    Garner the skills, knowledge, and motivation to believe in yourself and become a woman of power!
    Do you desire to be in touch with your true self and build your strength, confidence, and resilience to achieve your goals and live the life you’ve always dreamt of?
    I can bet that your answer is a resounding YES and if so, this workbook is all you need to make this your new reality!
    No matter how many motivational books we read, it can be hard to materialize all that advice if we don’t have a practical assessment of ourselves and our lives at the moment. This workbook is based on the previous book, Top 10 Powerful Steps to Build a Successful Business: A Guide for Female Entrepreneurs, by Juliette Schlegl to ensure that you employ all the life-success tips effectively.
    To be precise, this workbook will:

    • Help you discover your inner strength and build self-belief and self-love
    • Offer you challenges to help strengthen your mindset and motivation
    • Guide you towards a healthy and healed version of yourself
    • Help you become a more confident woman unapologetically
    • Teach you how to become more resilient to persevere through and overcome any challenge that life throws at you
    • And so much more!

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    Uncover the true potential of your voice with this practical guide!
    Do you aspire to become a great singer but don’t have the time or money for singing lessons?
    Are you are looking for a guide that can help you streamline your vocals so that you can sing better, achieve your dreams, and maybe monetize your gift?
    If you’ve answered yes, this book is specially made for you!
    You don’t have to be a naturally born singer and so many famous singers, such as Jimi Hendrix and Prince, are self-taught. But the truth is, you will need to do all the right things to make sure you attain that level of singing that is considered great – and this is where this book comes in!
    The Secret Formula to Become a Good Singer will take you through some of the most prominent techniques used by singers to achieve that all-desired consistent tone, pitch, volume, and singing style!
    More precisely, this book will cover:

    • Singing techniques and exercises to boost your vocals
    • Breathing exercises to ensure you maintain a steady breath as you sing
    • Using your ears to sing better and how to effectively control your pitch
    • Uncovering your style and composing your own songs
    • The 3 key principles every singer should be aware of
    • And so much more!

    It’s never too late to become a great singer. But don’t just wait, start now!
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  • TIMSHALL: A Saw-Toothed Career

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    The title of this book, Timshall; written by the author; Juliette Schlegl, is derived from John Steinbeck’s definition of it “Timshel” in East of Eden. Steinbeck emphasizes this word as imperative, writing that each individual by taking stock of his or her past raises one question; was it good or was it bad? If she had chosen any other path in her pain-filled life, would she have demons running after her in the process of surviving and making a living? What is very plain to see despite the fact of the character’s inherited problems as a Cameroonian and later issues of assimilation in Europe, is that her life has been based upon a moral foundation, a remarkable, even stunningly strong one. Thus, the Steinbeck imperative works as a perfect influence, the philosophical vehicle running throughout this book.
    That definition is “thou mayest rule over sin”, and for Schlegl it opens a kind of divine desire in the minds of human beings. This autobiographical novel is about a life full of objections, heartbreak, humiliation, bullying, barriers, and temptations. It traces a path like a river from the author’s native home in Cameroon and by extension Africa, and from there to Ivory Coast, Ghana, France, Germany, Sri Lanka, Ireland, and London.
    Schlegl writes with superb descriptive power, especially in the scenes where her character’s solitude and the world’s indifference came together to create the most reflective passages in the book; about her early life, her education, her search for a job, and on to her career, therein runs the psychological scar that seems more like a birthright than an accidental set of circumstances made by the serrations of history and destiny. Thus, her career or path in life is described in the subtitle “A Saw-Toothed Career.

    Readers, although, can readily accept what the author says it is truthful, very intelligent, and touching; reading of a problematic world and it is said in the spirit of a life-giver, successfully transmitting the base elements into spiritual fullness.


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    Become a successful female entrepreneur in a man’s world!
    The hard truth is that we live in a man’s world, considering that men benefit the most from the structure of it. But this is gradually changing as we can now see women holding high leadership positions and running the biggest corporations in the world.
    So, do you have a dream and the desire to become the best in your career or business?
    If your answer is yes, you can certainly do it and this book will show you how exactly!
    Top 10 Powerful Steps to Building a Successful Business: A Guide for Female Entrepreneurs is based on a carefully researched acronym ‘MOTIVATION’ to help women become a success in any endeavor they put their hearts and minds to.
    More precisely, this guide features:

    • 10 powerful strategies to help you learn, grow and equip you with the most essential skills that make a successful female entrepreneur
    • Guidance towards building a positive business mindset
    • Essential success habits practiced by the most successful people
    • How to effectively counter challenges and maintain steadfast motivation
    • And so much more!

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